Best of 3

This week we had the pleasure of joining our third Formlabs office party.


And boy do they know how to throw a good party. We're always blown away by the sheer amount of creativity and energy they bring to the table.

Last spring, we launched our partnership with this cool startup at a space themed event. Remember the sweet backdrop they painted?! 

Earlier this year, we joined their circus-themed office party where there was no shortage of cute pups, balloons, & cotton candy. My kind of party.

And last week we headed back out to their offices in Somerville to celebrate the end of their two-day conference and the official launch of their new product --Fuse 1.
Have you ever seen a 3D Printer in a booth before?!
Didn't think so.

Working with them has been a blast, even though we can only 2D print their photos.
For now...

Check out all the photos from the Formlabs Fuse 1 Launch Party here!