Backdrop Tips & Tricks

We always want our photos to look great and it definitely helps that we have good-looking clients :) But one of the next most important things is a great backdrop. We've tried out many different backdrops, so I wanted to let you know what we love, what drives us crazy, and what we're interested in trying out!

Seamless Paper

A white seamless paper backdrop is our go-to and is always included when you book with us. The seamless is so easy to use and always looks great in photos. We figured the white looked so good, why not try out other colors? We've used black seamless at multiple events now and it's one of my favorite looks. We love it so much we've decided to branch out into other color options. We're now offering options in every color of the rainbow and I can't wait to try each one out!


This year, some friends invited us to their wedding in DC and others invited us to their son's first birthday in Pennsylvania. We were set on bringing the booth to both events. That's what friends do, right? But traveling with the seamless paper can be a pain and I wasn't interested in sharing my space with a roll of paper for the 7 hour drive to and from each location. Our white fabric backdrop makes for easy transport. Definitely easy to transport, but it is also easy to wrinkle. When using this backdrop we always bring a small steamer to make sure we get it looking it's best. 

Premium Backdrops

Want to get fancy? Premium backdrops come in a variety of colors and textures and look especially great for weddings and other formal events. Our sequin honey backdrop has proven to be a popular choice for weddings. The sequins give off a nice shimmer, and provide an elegant look and feel. There are tons of other options available and we're always happy to special order one for your upcoming event.


step & repeat


This look is perfect for fundraisers, red carpet experiences, or corporate events. They're also common for events with multiple sponsors who are looking for prominent branding. Combine this backdrop with our instant social media sharing and you'll maximize your event's online presence. Your sponsors will be grateful that their brands were spread far and wide on social media and will have a lasting presence at multiple locations on the web. Plus, you get to keep the backdrop for future events you may have!

venue walls


We love exploring new venues and fun spaces. Sometimes we'll ditch the backdrop all together and use the walls of the venue we were at. This doesn't work in all cases, but when it does, it can look awesome! We're always open to discussing using a venue wall, so let us know if your venue has a fun and unique space to use.

Some things to keep in mind when deciding if a venue wall would make a good backdrop:

  1. Is the space large enough? - We need at least an 8x8 foot space to make sure there's enough room for people to get into the photos.
  2. Are there outlets, light switches, or fixtures on the wall that may distract from the photos? - The star of the photos is you, not the light switch!
  3. Is the wall space scratched or dirty? - If you can see it, chances are our camera will too.


When it comes to DIY backdrops, there are so many ways you can go. Here's a few of the things we've tried:

  1. Paint: The amazing people at Formlabs designed and painted their own backdrop to use during a space themed party. It looked fantastic! For my golden birthday, Austin took some white seamless paper and spruced it up with gold spray paint. Talk about awesome! Though, he had also just proposed, so it was a good day to begin with :)
  2. Balloons: The Formlabs team throws pretty sweet parties, so I shouldn't have been surprised when they took our basic white backdrop and made it pop with colorful balloons for their circus themed office party. The balloons they had blown up the day before had already deflated some, but it worked perfectly to tape them in bunches onto the white seamless paper. And wow, did they look good!
  3. Ribbons/Streamers: Pinterest has me sold on the idea that this can look amazing, but I've yet to be impressed with real-life attempts. Our try at using colorful ribbon as a backdrop taught me a few things. First, you need a lot of ribbon to make it work. Ribbon should be very close together and have multiple layers if possible. Second, you need a basic backdrop or wall behind the ribbon. There may be spaces in between the ribbons and whatever is behind it will show through a little bit. Finally, ribbon backdrops are best used indoors. We set up ours outside on a beautiful summer day. Even with trying to secure the ribbons as best as we could, our colorful backdrop was no match for the occasional breeze. Lesson learned.
  4. Tinsel: No longer just for Christmas trees, tinsel can be a fun addition to your photo booth backdrop. A few months ago, we tried out the look for a 90's themed Grubstreet party. We taped layers of tinsel onto black seamless paper and I was very pleased with the result. This could be great for themes or adding a small amount of color over black or white paper.
  5. Signs: Brew Woo 2016 was one of our first big events and we were really out to impress. So much so that we spent hours and hours with cardboard and a hot glue gun making a beautiful sign to hang on our white backdrop. And while people loved the sign and were very impressed with it, I realized that you could barely see it in any of the photos. All that time and effort wasted on something you couldn't tell was there. My suggestion is: if you want your backdrop to say something, opt for step & repeat or make sure the sign is visible to the camera but won't be covered up when people get in the photos.

Want more DIY backdrop ideas? Check our our Pinterest page where we post ideas and inspiration!