The People Behind the Booth

At Open Booth, we think people are important and parties are incredible. One of our favorite parts about our work is making business personal. We love getting to know our clients and working with them to customize their event and make sure everything we do flows with who they are and the event they're planning.

Earlier this year, I realized we had not shared much about who we are and why we love what we do. So a few months ago, we shared a series on Instagram called #peoplebehindthebooth to introduce ourselves and the team of people who help us out.

Missed the series? Here's the recap!

Introducing: Katrina

  • Co-founder, social chair, and wifey extraordinaire.

  • She's a Midwest native who fell in love with Boston (& a very handsome man who lives here). She loves all things babies, cheese, & HGTV.

  • Booth favorites: "Watching people very seriously plan unique & ridiculous poses"

Introducing: Austin

  • Co-founder // co-creative // co-bill-payer

  • He's a Tennessee man who loves good design, good conversation, & good desserts.

  • Booth favorites: "Old people and proposals, separately or together"

Introducing: The Executive Board

These great friends test out backdrops and props & are always willing to help us out at events. We're grateful for their constant encouragement and love of being photographed.

Introducing: Allen

  • He's a soon-to-be lawyer who loves puppies, fish, & homework?
  • Booth favorite: "The insane amount of fun people having taking photos"

Introducing: Dan

  • He loves Dave Matthews Band, the West Wing, and getting superstitious about Boston sports' championships.
  • Booth favorite: "Becoming one with the booth so that you are able to wait until the last possible moment to strike a pose and still nail the photo"

Introducing: Caitlin

  • She loves good books, baked goods, and biking Boston.
  • Booth favorite: "When people try to jump in pictures and completely mistime it. Sometimes the best photos are the accidental ones"

Introducing: Steph

  • She loves rock climbing, boardgames, and watching Survivor.
  • Booth favorite: "I've never met anyone who didn't love the booth!"

Introducing: Jason

  • He's a BU grad who loves delicious food, good commercials, & giant bean bag chairs.
  • Booth favorite: "Perusing through all the photos on the website later and finding the funniest ones"

That's our team.

Be sure to come say HI when you see us at events!