Prop It Up

Props are completely optional when it comes to photo booths (you look great just as you are!), but they are always a fun addition. Our photo booth packages include basic props, but we encourage you to bring your own props to match the theme of your event and to make the photos uniquely yours! After all, who knows your party better than you?

We've put together some tips and tricks to find great props for you next event.


Basic props from Open Booth are always included when you book the booth. Our basic prop offerings are sleek metal and classic wooden stick props. We may also include signs, letters, and themed props if we have some we think will match the event. 


You'll never hear me claim to be artistically talented or skilled in crafting, but these prop ideas are easy enough that even I can make them look great!

Stick Props: Basic wooden/paper stick props can be easily bought from a variety of stores. A quick web search gives you hundreds of options, so order away! You can even order special themed sets for holidays and different events. Want something a little more unique? Download printable templates or the images you want to use and print them out. I recommend printing on cardstock or thin cardboard so they maintain their shape. Use tape or hot glue to attach a thin wooden stick (bamboo or wooden skewers work well) to the back and there you have it!

Letters: Various size letters can be purchased from craft stores or even just the craft aisle of Target. Leave them as is or add a coat or paint for a more custom look. We bought letter props to spell out "BEER" for Brew Woo, a craft beer festival. The first year, we used them as they were with their wood grain exposed. For year two, we gave them a makeover by adding a coat of metallic bronze spray paint. They looked great both ways!

Cut-Outs: Consider yourself crafty? Create your own large cut-outs that will be unique to your event. The creative people over at Formlabs brought giant astronaut cut-outs to their space-themed event and they were a blast to use! You'll have to head over to your local print shop to make them this big, but they are definitely a fun addition!

Frames: Frames are a great prop if you're looking for something extra but don't want to go overboard with props. You can find a variety of options, from simple white to ornate gold, at your local craft or homegoods store.

Themed Props: Have a creative theme for your upcoming event? Why not choose props that match? Some of our favorite have been Formlabs' space-themed event and Reid's lumberjack-themed first birthday party. Find some props that match your theme and bring them over to the booth. Everyone will love that the theme extends all the way to the props!

Holiday Props: I love holidays. Love, love, love them! Holiday themed props are great for parties and themed events. A quick online search or stop at the holiday or party aisle of the store will give you tons of options for great props. Santa hats, Easter bunny ears, Jack-O-Lanterns, an American flag-- all easy to find and your guests will love using them! 

Other Ideas: Of course, there are many more options when it comes to props. Inflatables, like the alien we used at Formlabs space party or the giant pretzel from Brew Woo 2017, are goofy and great fun to use. Signs are another cool option. Bring a pre-made one or use chalkboard/dry erase to let your guests say anything. Another easy prop? Balloons

We can't wait to see what other awesome prop ideas our clients come up with!

Still interested in more prop ideas for your event? Check out our inspiration boards on Pinterest!