Every single event we serve is so exciting! There's always something new and interesting waiting for us each time we start working with a new client. A new organization, new props, a new backdrop, a new venue. The list of things that change from event to event is part of what makes our work so fun. Each event has it's own character and comes to life in it's own unique way. 

Last month we were invited to be a part of surprise birthday bash for a client's husband. The venue was a beautiful Russian restaurant that we had never heard of, even though it's right in our backyard (literally a three minute drive from our home in Boston!)

New metal props, new beautiful venue, and new fun clients. Plus, they requested the photos to be in black and white (a first for us!) to add a little extra class to the evening and the photos turned out beautifully! We had an incredible time celebrating with them and we're always grateful for a night full of firsts! (And yes, the husband was completely surprised.)

Here are a few photos from the night!