make it your own

At Open Booth, we know that every event is unique. We want our photos to perfectly represent your event, so we work with you to make sure the print template design, backdrop, and props perfectly fit your vision for the event.


When you book, we'll ask for your design requests so we can customize the print outs to perfectly match your event. We love getting personal with designs created especially for you. Not really sure what would best suit your event? Take a look at some of our previous designs to get inspired.


We love a good backdrop. A white backdrop is always included with the booth, but we have a variety of colorful options to choose from as well. Looking for something different or interested in trying your hand at designing? You're always welcome to provide your own backdrop or use a venue wall. Read through our backdrop tips to find out what works best.


We provide a basic set of metal stick props for every event. But we're always excited to try out new things, so we'll use any additional props you provide. Have a theme for the party but aren't sure what kinds of props to bring along or feel interested in DIY-ing it? Check out our suggestions here.